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Asking God “Are you sure?”

May 21, 2021

As women, we tend to overextend and feel isolated.

Have you ever felt tired? I mean REALLY tired? Not the kind of fatigue you get from spending a whole evening binge-watching a series on Netflix, but the kind that you’re ready to drop your phone and move off to Tahiti where no one will ever find you and there you can start a new life without any stress or daily demands from your job, family, or even church. Well – here’s some great news for you…you’re not alone!

For the next 4 weeks, we are going to look at some very well-known biblical “superstars” who felt exactly like you. Some of these guys were simply physically exhausted from their ministries. But for others, the overwhelming weariness was brought on because they were either literally running from their mission assignments or continually asking for a sign. Here’s the kicker: they all had direct communication with God.

To start off this month of unusual heroes who were a little hesitant to pull off their callings, meet a young man named Gideon. His story is a little amusing because he was actually a quite timid guy and absolutely could not believe that God would ask him to do something “earth-shattering.” He was so nervous that he literally could not sleep and lived in fear for his life; he was certain that his father was going to kill him! But that’s not the funny part…

…he was actually a quite timid guy and absolutely could not believe that God would ask him to do something “earth-shattering.”

In the book of Judges, we are told that the Israelites were at war throughout most of that recorded time. They went through cycles of obedience, then disobedience which seemed to occur just about every 40 years. (If you ever get the chance, check out how often 40 years, 40-day, or seven-year intervals occur in the Old Testament.)

At the time of Gideon (Judges Ch. 6), the Jewish people, due to disobedience, had been under the rule of the Midianites for seven years and were calling out to God for help. God had warned the Israelites not to worship other idols, but they just hadn’t listened and were now in a bad situation.

However, God was merciful and sent an angel to Gideon who was hiding grain for his family from the Midianites. (That’s how bad it was.) But suddenly, an angel appeared and spoke to Gideon. Ok -this is where it starts to get humorous. The messenger from God (some think it may have actually been Jesus) started out with, “Mighty hero, the Lord is with you!” (Judges 6:12)

Gideon isn’t even phased by a mysterious being calling him a hero! He is just like, “Whatever. Don’t you see that I’m busy trying to hide this food? Why, oh why, did God let this happen to us? Our ancestors always talked about how God provided for them and now – look at us! Where is He now??”

The angel then dropped a bombshell. Gideon was informed that HE was going to be the one to rescue Israel!


Wait! WHAT? You can be sure that there was a brain freeze of confusion running through the mind of this Israelite. His family was the weakest in the tribe, and he was the weakest in his family. Doesn’t seem to measure up for a superhero! So now Gideon was really afraid!

After some discussion and hospitality which included the sacrifice (which happened at night because of Gideon’s fear) of some of his family’s bulls, Gideon was ready to strike a deal. He said that if God was really with him, that a fleece he set out at night would be wet while the earth was dry. It happened.

But Gideon still wasn’t too sure. So, he asked for another sign. This time, the fleece would be dry, but the ground would be wet. Guess what – it happened. Gideon eventually trusted God and was able to lead the Jewish people to defeat the Midianites.

Are you tired of struggling with God who is asking you to do something for Him, but you feel like you just can’t do it? Do you feel that you don’t have the courage, strength, or tenacity to fulfill the task before you? Stop for just a minute and ask God to give you direction and power. You don’t have to put your laundry in the front yard to get confirmation…He’s already there for you! And to borrow a copyrighted phrase from Nike…Just do it!

May God bless you as you enter this new dimension of your spiritual walk!

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