So, you want depth and purpose, right?

We can help and we know you're a little interested. I mean, you're here and you haven't left yet. 


HERE'S WHY we CAN HELP with that

Our Story

Long story short, I wanted to grow in my faith. I wanted to understand the richness of Scripture. I needed a woman mentor to train me how to do it because I was clueless where to start.

None were available. They felt inadequate or didn't have the time. So, I went to grad school to learn what I needed to so I could teach women how to be what I needed when I was a young Christian.

And that's how I learned that what we do is actually totally needed and Biblical.

what we can do for you:


This 18-month program is Bible college
in a nutshell. 

Bold Insiders

We train you how to study the Bible while studying the Bible with us.


We want to help you with your
next big event.


The Bold Movement Academy

Want to get an education in stuff you want to study?

We have created an 18-month program for Women in Ministry and Family Discipleship. With 4 modules, each 18 weeks, you are sure to learn the essentials to ministry and carry them out confidently. Afterall, this is a bold movement.

A Custom bold movement  Logos account

Weekly live teachings with our team

and confidence in your ministry

What's Included?

Bold Insiders

We Put the “Bible” Back in Bible Study

It is our mission to help women gain confidence in their understand of Scripture so that they can train other women. We have studies for individual growth and groups. We encourage you to check one of our studies out today.

Access to our insider's group

Bible STudies on books of the Bible

extra fun resources like mugs, shirts, etc.

What's Included?

TBM Gatherings

Need a speaker? We can help.

We can do this 3 ways: 

1. You invite us to your event to speak and teach.
2. You invite us to collaborate with you then implement the gathering together.
3. We bring the event to you, you simply provide the building.

a support team

collaborative efforts

a super bold and God Honoring Event

What's Included?

The Bold Movement Promise

What Makes Us Different

We think fluff is for pillows, not women's ministry. We are not naïve enough to think we are the only ministry directed toward women with a goal of going deeper.

However, what sets us apart is the fact we take time to show women how to get there -- step-by-step. You don't know what penal substitutionary atonement is? No sweat, we can help!


We get you. we've been there. we can help.

Kind Words

The Bold Movement is a place where you can grow confident in your faith. The resources help you dive deeper and create a stronger foundation in your faith.

— Schauna Chambers, Youth Minister

I struggled to understand the bible, but Megan helped me read and analyze the Bible how it was written.

— Makhyla Epp, Student

The Bold Movement is an indispensable resource for the disciple desiring to grow in the knowledge of God's Word.

— Carie Schad, Teacher/pastor's wife


It’s never too late
to start your
in your faith, or
 find your         in it all.

let's work together

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